Monster Hunter Online New CG Trailer

monster hunter online cg trailer

Monster Hunter Online publisher Tencent has recently released a new CG trailer and some highlights for it’s upcoming title. For now, only a couple of monster have been officially confirmed such as Caeserber (beaver) and Velocidrome. Caeserber is one of the newest members of the monsters in the Monster Hunter massive franchise. Village of Milad was also introduced in the update. Check out their Official Website for more updates on the game!

Monster Hunter Online New CG trailer                             Newly introduced monster Caeseber

Monster Hunter Online New CG                                              Village of Milad

Monster Hunter Online New CG trailer 1


Monster Hunter Online

monster hunter onlinemonster hunter online logo

Capcom and Tencent announced their intentions in publishing a new title based on Capcoms multi-award winning franchise Monster Hunter. It was announced in a conference in Beijing.

Monster Hunter Online (怪物猎人 Online) is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine3 which is also used to power Far Cry 3. The game is set to go in beta testing phase on 6th of July 2013, but for now Capcom and Tencent announced that the game will only be published in China, rumored to be available worldwide after full release. Check out Monster Hunter Online gameplay trailer below

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