Square Enix Reveals Teaser!

Square Enix has finally revealed it’s mysterious title! As many of you guessed it, the mystery title is Final Fantasy All The Bravest (ATB). This Final Fantasy episode is a touch action RPG which is available on the App Store for all iPhone and iPad users. The combat system is based on the classic Active Time Battle system and the game also features music, characters and enemies from all the previous FF series and many more. Download the game now in the App Store!

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

Square Enix’s Suprise

Square Enix is hitting Final Fanstasy fan’s with its new teaser website which will be revealed on the 17 of January 2013. Square Enix has recently just revelead one of the latest count downs in December 2012 which is Star Galaxy. Square Enix is up and running again with it’s suprises. Many gamers is hoping for a new FF sequel.

Teaser website from Square Enix