Age Of Wushu Punching In February

Closing in on it’s release date, Age of Wushu which is developed by Snail Games USA has been officially announced to be released on the 1st of February 2013. The game is set to be played in the Ming Dynasty. Once of the key features of the game is that there will be no classes/jobs and even no levels. The game also features a system called Random NPC Encounter System.

Age of Wushu Trailer

Everquest Next The Largest Sandbox In MMO

EverQuest Next or EverQuest 3 has been dubbed the largest sandbox MMO that will change the way players look at MMO by John Smedly the President of Sony Online Entertainment aka SOE. The game introduces a newly developed game engine called Forge Light that also powers Planet Side 2. John Smedly scrapped two major prototypes to go for a new and revolutionary gameplay that might sweep players off their feet.

Intro of Forge Light by John Smedly

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