Age of Wushu Launching Date

After more than 2 months of closed beta testing, Snail Games has officially announced its launching date. The martial art action pack MMO will be released on April 10th in North America. A retail box version will be released later in April and will cost roughly around $20 at selected retailers which includes many awesome in-game items and bonuses.


Silkroad Online PvP Update

Joymax, developer and publisher of the long running mmorpg Silkroad online teases players with a picture calling out to the highest heroes of the game. The teaser is set to be revealed on 19th March 2013 with it’s update.


Marvel Heroes shows off Iron Man Pack

Gazillion Entertaiment’s online mmo Marvel Heroes is out with two Premium Packs from the Marvel Heroes Founder Program, showcasing different Iron Man suits. Each pack allows gamers to choose between 6 different types of armour when playing Iron Man. Lets check out Iron Man in action with all the different suits!

MechWarrior Online’s First Double EXP

After all the delays on the date of the open beta, Mechwarrior Online by Piranha Games is undergoing their Open Beta Testing now and players of Mechwarrior Online is getting their first taste of a Weekend Double EXP Event! The event starts from Friday 18th January 2013 1pm eastern time and ends on Monday 21st January 2013 1pm eastern time. Get your light to assault battle mech’s ready gamers and enjoy the double exp weekend!

Mechwarrior Online Trailer

Square Enix Reveals Teaser!

Square Enix has finally revealed it’s mysterious title! As many of you guessed it, the mystery title is Final Fantasy All The Bravest (ATB). This Final Fantasy episode is a touch action RPG which is available on the App Store for all iPhone and iPad users. The combat system is based on the classic Active Time Battle system and the game also features music, characters and enemies from all the previous FF series and many more. Download the game now in the App Store!

Final Fantasy: All The Bravest

Everquest Next The Largest Sandbox In MMO

EverQuest Next or EverQuest 3 has been dubbed the largest sandbox MMO that will change the way players look at MMO by John Smedly the President of Sony Online Entertainment aka SOE. The game introduces a newly developed game engine called Forge Light that also powers Planet Side 2. John Smedly scrapped two major prototypes to go for a new and revolutionary gameplay that might sweep players off their feet.

Intro of Forge Light by John Smedly

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Lineage Eternal (Lineage 3) Diablo Style

Developers of Soul & Blade NCSoft is bringing it’s KRW 50 billion project Lineage Eternal to the new world. Unlike the previous Lineage series, Lineage Eternal showcases a very different gameplay which highly resembles another blockbuster game Diablo. While still in development, the sequel to the hit game Lineage is expected to reach the streets in late 2013 or early 2014.

Extended Trailer & Gameplay Lineage Eternal

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Elder Scrolls Online Claims Most Anticipated MMORPG Award

Arrow to the knee? Don’t think so. Elder Scrolls Online has recently received it’s awards for most anticipated MMORPG, but the game which is developed by Zenimax Online Studios has yet to announce the release date of this epic game. Zenimax Online has officially confirmed that both PC and MAC versions will be released but there are many rumours saying that a console version might be in development.

One of the Teaser Trailers of Elder Scrolls Online

An Introduction of the Elder Scrolls Online



Square Enix’s Suprise

Square Enix is hitting Final Fanstasy fan’s with its new teaser website which will be revealed on the 17 of January 2013. Square Enix has recently just revelead one of the latest count downs in December 2012 which is Star Galaxy. Square Enix is up and running again with it’s suprises. Many gamers is hoping for a new FF sequel.

Teaser website from Square Enix



Entwell’s Core Online

Closing in on it’s end of beta testing which will end on 25th January 2013 is the recent fantasy mmorpg Core Online. According to, Entwell has been developing Core Online for 3 years and is finally on its way for open beta testing. The korean fantasy mmorpg features usual content such as Mounts, Pvp and so on; but Entwell also introduced a Cross Server Pvp to the action packed game, where thousands of player could battle againts one another from different servers.

Trailer for Core Online

Here’s a preview of the character creation for Core Online