Age Of Wushu Offline Mode

Snail Games releases details about its upcoming MMO Age Of Wushu Offline Mode. Snail Games gives insight on how players cant both connect to world offline and online. This awesome feature does not mean that you can play the game offline but continue gaining EXP when you’re logged out from the game. This feature caters for players who are unable to log on for days or weeks. Online players are still able to see offline players in game making it an awesome feature beneficial to both online and offline players.


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Age of Wushu Launching Date

After more than 2 months of closed beta testing, Snail Games has officially announced its launching date. The martial art action pack MMO will be released on April 10th in North America. A retail box version will be released later in April and will cost roughly around $20 at selected retailers which includes many awesome in-game items and bonuses.


Age Of Wushu Punching In February

Closing in on it’s release date, Age of Wushu which is developed by Snail Games USA has been officially announced to be released on the 1st of February 2013. The game is set to be played in the Ming Dynasty. Once of the key features of the game is that there will be no classes/jobs and even no levels. The game also features a system called Random NPC Encounter System.

Age of Wushu Trailer