Atlantica Online Ascension Patch

atlantica online ancesion patch

As Atlantica Online goes halfway into the month of May, Nexon releases  Atlantica Online’s Ascension patch. The Ascension patch ( Rise of Atlantis: Ascension) opens up a new section of Atlantis in the game – West Atlantis. The level cap has also been raised to 160 and a new level 155 raid has also been added to the game. The patch also comes with a new Mercenary, Chironia and a new level 152 dungeon – Transcendent Temple, where player get a chance to get their hands on Transcendent Rings which increases all character stats! New skills has also been added to most of the characters in Atlantica. Check out the video below for a taste of the updated contents and also Nexon’s official website for more updates and info on the game.

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Dragon Nest 2 Under Development

dragon nest 2 dragon nest 2

Shanda Games and Eyedentity Games CEO Donghai Qian has officially announced at the World Game Grand Ceremony 2013 that the development of Dragon Nest 2 is in progress. The sequel of the popular action MMORPG Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest 2 will be an eye opening open-world MMO and shall adopt Dragon Nest’s 3D realistic style. The game will still go on with the same action aspects but some tweaks will be made. The CEO Donghai Qian assures that they will meet the fans and current player’s expectation in developing the game. Fans and current players will be looking at least 2 years of development.

dragon nest 2

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TimeGate Studio’s Minimum


Speaking of ‘blockheads”, TimeGate Studios is releasing it’s next MMO featuring “blockheads” with big guns – Minimum. Minimum is a free-to-play (F2P) match based 3rd person shooter. The game currently still has no official release date but an Alpha version is set to be available on Steam on 16th April 2013. The game provides players with a fast paced game play and provide players with some very unique features. Here is some of the features:

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