MapleStory: MapleSEA Season 2

MapleStory Season 2
When every other similar copycat free-to-play 2D side scrolling mmorpg game had to close down, Maple Story is the only one still standing strong after 10 years since launch. Coming 29th of April will be MapleStory 10th anniversary. MapleSEA just launched MapleStory Season 2 yesterday!

Well not exactly yesterday because AsiaSoft delayed the launch AS USUAL and repeatedly extended the content patch but this time not as awful as Ragnarok Online 2 launch’s one week delay. The first person who unlocked the patch file get to own an Endless Heart of Aria.

Endless Heart of Aria

These are the new updates in season 2 patch: 5 new characters, Angelic Bustic, Xenon, Hyper Skills, Extreme Monster Park, new maps, Monster Life, new boss Magnus and Choas Pink Bean, Evolving Dungeon and Dimension Invade.


Starting from 29th of April, sign up for a MapleSEA account and reach until level 30 and you’ll stand a chance to win $500 sgd cash! One winner will be chosen each week so hurry and sign up for the game here


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