The Lord of the Rings Online : Helm’s Deep Expansion

the lord of the rings online helm's deep expansion

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has currently unveiled the fifth expansion of the hit MMO The Lord of the Rings Online – Helm’s Deep. The expansion is set to be out this Fall where players get a chance to venture into the western plains of Rohan.

The features of this latest expansion :

- Fight to defend Helm’s Deep starting at level 10, as your character enlists as a soldier in the Battle of the Hornburg, which is considered as the largest conflict yet in the LOTR online.

- Explore new landscapes across Western Rohan and rally each of the five Ridings. Travel to the capital of Edoras, Dunharrow, and the fortress of the Hornburg.

- Experience 10 new levels from level 85 – 95 with all new skills and updated class specializations.

- Continue the epic story and encounter characters such as Aragorn, Éowyn, and Éomer.

Check out their official site for more info on the expansion : LOTR Official Site

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