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Capcom and Tencent announced their intentions in publishing a new title based on Capcoms multi-award winning franchise Monster Hunter. It was announced in a conference in Beijing.

Monster Hunter Online (怪物猎人 Online) is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine3 which is also used to power Far Cry 3. The game is set to go in beta testing phase on 6th of July 2013, but for now Capcom and Tencent announced that the game will only be published in China, rumored to be available worldwide after full release. Check out Monster Hunter Online gameplay trailer below

I’m still in shock after my cousin told me about this news. You have no idea how happy i am because I’m a hardcore diehard fan of Monster Hunter series since 2009 when they first launched Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. After that i also played Monster Hunter Portable 3rd in 2010. Both of them are on PSP platform.

Monster Hunter captures the heart of every player because of the game play. Before this, hardcore MH players had high hopes that they will get to play Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate and upcoming Monster Hunter 4 on PS4 since everyone is dying to play it on HD TV with beautiful graphics. When they announced that the game will go to Wii U and 3ds, everyone’s hope is dampened, like got struck by a lightning. Today we finally get our hopes back because Monster Hunter Online is not only exclusive for Japan but extended to China and hopefully soon around the globe! At last they allow us to have the privilege to play the game in awesome PC graphic and an open world of MMO!

I’m seriously exploding with joy now…imagine i can even play this game on mediocre graphic for few years, im sure you will enjoy every bit of the gameplay with better graphics and social. If you haven’t try Monster Hunter already, please go grab a 3ds or Wii U and practice the game before they launch this epic MMO in your country.

However if you’re in china and want to play the beta game, visit their official website below


Below are some beautiful screenshot taken from neogaf forum and official mho china website
Monster Hunter Online1

Monster Hunter Online2

Monster Hunter Online3

Monster Hunter Online4

Monster Hunter Online5

Monster Hunter Online6

Monster Hunter Online9

Monster Hunter Online7

Monster Hunter Online8

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