ArcheAge Online (CN) CBT


ArcheAge Online (CN) will be heading into Closed Beta Testing (CBT) during May! The official date of the testing is yet to be known but it will be officially announced during the annual Tencent Game Conference 2 days later which is on the 18th of April 2013.  ArcheAge Online seems to be a mmo worth going for as ArcheAge provides awesome unique features. Some of the features of ArcheAge Online includes:

- 4 different Races – Nuian

- Elf

- Hariharan

- Ferre

- Over 120 classes and 10 different skill trees.

- Ultra-Realistic sea battles featuring “The Kraken”

- Gliders

- Jury System

- Large Scale Combat

- Decorative homes | Craftable Items | Grown your own crops

There is so much more. Check out ArcheAge Official Website for more details on the game. Stay with us for more details on ArcheAge CN’s closed beta testing date. Check out ArcheAge Online Trailer and a short gameplay by Steparu TV battling out the almighty Kraken!

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