Ragnarok Online : Valkyrie Uprising


Gravity Interactive is not settling down with it’s latest MMO Ragnarok Online 2. They are finally penetrating into the mobile apps market with it’s new MMO¬†Ragnarok Online: Valkyrie Uprising. The game is out on both iOS and Android market and the game provides quite some unique features. Talk about minimum size -¬†maximum features. Unfortunately the app is only available for US stores. Lets hope it will go worldwide.

Game Features:

- Anime style and massive open field world

- Play either solo or with friends with their unique Auto Party System

- All new touch interface

- PvP system and pet system

- Unique Job system which includes THREE 1st Job Classes : Swordsman | Mage | Acolyte

- Unique character customization

To all Ragnarok Fans out there, join this awesome mobile MMO now to get special rewards including the featured 30 min Valkyrie Mercenary Scroll. Also do remember to check out their Facebook page for awesome events and prizes. Download the app now with your tablet or mobile by scanning the QR below or search for it in your app store.


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