MapleStory: MapleSEA Season 2

MapleStory Season 2
When every other similar copycat free-to-play 2D side scrolling mmorpg game had to close down, Maple Story is the only one still standing strong after 10 years since launch. Coming 29th of April will be MapleStory 10th anniversary. MapleSEA just launched MapleStory Season 2 yesterday!

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The Lord of the Rings Online : Helm’s Deep Expansion

the lord of the rings online helm's deep expansion

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has currently unveiled the fifth expansion of the hit MMO The Lord of the Rings Online – Helm’s Deep. The expansion is set to be out this Fall where players get a chance to venture into the western plains of Rohan.

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Dragon Nest 2 Under Development

dragon nest 2 dragon nest 2

Shanda Games and Eyedentity Games CEO Donghai Qian has officially announced at the World Game Grand Ceremony 2013 that the development of Dragon Nest 2 is in progress. The sequel of the popular action MMORPG Dragon Nest.

Dragon Nest 2 will be an eye opening open-world MMO and shall adopt Dragon Nest’s 3D realistic style. The game will still go on with the same action aspects but some tweaks will be made. The CEO Donghai Qian assures that they will meet the fans and current player’s expectation in developing the game. Fans and current players will be looking at least 2 years of development.

dragon nest 2

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BlizzCon Tickets On Sale

BlizzCon Tickets On Sale

BlizzCon is back and the ticket are going to be on sale this April 24th and April 27th 2013. The first batch will be out on 24th at 7.00 p.m PDT and if you missed out on the first batch, the second batch will be out on 27th at 10:00a.m PDT. The event will be held at Anaheim Convention Stadium on the 8th and 9th of November 2013. Tickets will be priced at $175 USD.

Remember to get your account ready as you are going to need it to purchase the tickets. Also don’t forget to update any credit card or debit card information if needed. Check out BlizzCon’s Official Webpage for more info and also the steps in order to purchase the tickets correctly. You can also check out BlizzCon’s ticket sales page!

BlizzCon Tickets On Sale

Monster Hunter Online

monster hunter onlinemonster hunter online logo

Capcom and Tencent announced their intentions in publishing a new title based on Capcoms multi-award winning franchise Monster Hunter. It was announced in a conference in Beijing.

Monster Hunter Online (怪物猎人 Online) is powered by Crytek’s CryEngine3 which is also used to power Far Cry 3. The game is set to go in beta testing phase on 6th of July 2013, but for now Capcom and Tencent announced that the game will only be published in China, rumored to be available worldwide after full release. Check out Monster Hunter Online gameplay trailer below

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Ragnarok Online 2 North America Beta Event


To all North American Ragnarok Fans! Ragnarok Online 2 Legend of the Second kicks off its beta this 18th April. The beat event will be held for 5 days until Monday 22nd April 2013. Ragnarok Online 2 will be published by WarpPortal in North America which is also the publisher of ROSE Online and also Ragnarok Valkyrie Uprising. There will be GM-run events and awesome giveaways!

After the hectic beta phase that countries in SEA such as Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam that has experienced which includes mind stressing log in problems and brain busting lags caused by heavy traffic and also delays in the beta testing event which was postponed from December to January 2013, we do really hope that WarpPortal nails this beta event. Download the client and Pre-Register now at WarpPortal to claim awesome in-game rewards!


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Lunaria Story

lunaria story

R2 Games or Reality Squared Games kicks off it’s newest Free-to-Play (F2p) mmo title – Lunaria Story. The 2D side scrolling mmorpg is quite similar to other MMO’s like Maplestory, the only difference is that no download is required to play the game. Yes, it is a browser game. Lunaria Story is going into alpha on 18th April 2013 at 10 AM EST.

The game features 3 different classes :

Swordsman – Same as any other swordsman on any game. Wields a gigantic sword that weigh as much as the character.

Hunter – Not your typical archer that shoots arrows. This one uses guns.

Elementalist – Your everyday Gandalf the Grey.

The game also features Pet systems, Guild Battles, Money Sprite, Farming, Demon Tower Defense and many more, not bad for a browser game.Check out the First Look Gameplay below and check out R2Games official website to find out more in-depth details about the game. Register now and get awesome in-game prizes!



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Prime World Beta Phase for EU and US



Prime World has been the talk of the year in 2011 and 2012, now it will still be in 2013 as Prime World is ready for it’s beta phase in Europe and US. After Prime World’s developer Nival which is the creators of Heroes of Might & Magic V  launched the game in Russia in 2011, the game received tons of awards. It was awarded the best strategy game of E3, IGN in 2011 and titled as game of the year in 2012 during the Igomania Awards in 2012.

The game focuses on the fight between technology and magic which is led by the Dokht Imperium and the Keepers of Adornia in an epic battle with brain scrambling graphics and gameplay. Players get to choose between the two and support their armies in order to take over new territories or simply just to flattened the enemy’s base. Registration for Beta Testing is now open! Sign up now and experience the “awesomeness” of the game.

Official Site: Prime World

Prime-World-1-620x350 news_inner_02

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ArcheAge Online (CN) CBT


ArcheAge Online (CN) will be heading into Closed Beta Testing (CBT) during May! The official date of the testing is yet to be known but it will be officially announced during the annual Tencent Game Conference 2 days later which is on the 18th of April 2013.  ArcheAge Online seems to be a mmo worth going for as ArcheAge provides awesome unique features. Some of the features of ArcheAge Online includes:

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LucasArts Shut Down


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