GUNDOG Animal World War

Fancy playing counter-strike? Or just crazy about dogs? Check out OGPlanet’s latest game Gundog. Gundog is an online FPS featuring dogs! How cool is that? Players are allowed to choose from 6 different classes.

The main key features of the game

Rival Camps
6 Different Playable Classes
Collectible Card System
Customizable Characters & Load-outs
Unique Comic-influenced Art Style
Many Different Maps & Modes of Play
Engaging Tournaments & Leader-boards
Game-changing Skills.

The games’s beta testing is set to start on 4th of April to 8th of April.  For more information about Gundog or it’s developers check out their website GUNDOG, or their FB page at :



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  1. Ryan

    6 different classes which includes 6 different classes – Wow, awesome.

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