Phantasy Star Online 2, Miku costume is here!

Rejoice for Phantasy Star fans and Hatsune Miku’s fans, as there will be new maps new monsters and also the level 60 cap release with new skills to obtain during the April patch.


The Miku costume will also be available during the period.

If you haven’t sign up yet, do it now at PSO2.
Or head over to the unofficial English site for Phantasy Star Online 2 JP for more information about the game.

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Garen from League of Legends has always been famous on how he deals with people who face checked the brush, and now it appears that someone else is trying to be the real life Garen.

And if you don’t know what League of Legends is, sign up and play today at NA/EU, South East Asia, and Taiwan site.

Why do we like League of Legends.


Why do we like League of Legends you asked?
Because there’s BL, GL, BG, loli, nee-san, neko, hentai, tsundere, inu, wretched, nekomimi, world saviour, death flag, osananajimi, sideboobs, milf, sensei, imouto, more sideboobs, bishounen, table flip, bunny girl, maid, nurse, santa suit, laughter, tears. <3

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Get your mind blown by WildStar

WildStar is a MMO still in dev at Carbine Studios in California, which will be released in 2013! Beta is yet to start but you can signup for this epic mmo at

Follow their site or facebook page for more incoming updates about the game. Check out their hilarious and awesome video below!


Do you know that Tera EU is now f2p?

If you haven’t started it yet, join us today at Tera EU for some actions.

Ragnarok Online 2 : Legend of The Second

Dear Ragnarok Online fans, if you missed out RO2 : LoTS which is hosted in SEA because of the ip block here’s your chance to try out the game. Register for the upcoming beta here or visit their facebook page here.

Japan F2P MMO Mass Shut Down

According to Steparu, Japan is undergoing some massive shut down of over 15 different titles. Those titles also include Argo Online, eternal Blade, Concerto Gate, Hellgate, Prius etc, but the good news is that these servers wont be closing in the West UNLESS the publisher decides too. Check out the complete list of titles and their closing date here.

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Starcraft II: Heart of The Swarm


Are you ready for the launch of Starcraft II: Heart of The Swarm? The global invasion starts TODAY! Starcraft II: Heart of The Swarm Official Website 


Age Of Wushu Offline Mode

Snail Games releases details about its upcoming MMO Age Of Wushu Offline Mode. Snail Games gives insight on how players cant both connect to world offline and online. This awesome feature does not mean that you can play the game offline but continue gaining EXP when you’re logged out from the game. This feature caters for players who are unable to log on for days or weeks. Online players are still able to see offline players in game making it an awesome feature beneficial to both online and offline players.


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GUNDOG Animal World War

Fancy playing counter-strike? Or just crazy about dogs? Check out OGPlanet’s latest game Gundog. Gundog is an online FPS featuring dogs! How cool is that? Players are allowed to choose from 6 different classes.

The main key features of the game

Rival Camps
6 Different Playable Classes
Collectible Card System
Customizable Characters & Load-outs
Unique Comic-influenced Art Style
Many Different Maps & Modes of Play
Engaging Tournaments & Leader-boards
Game-changing Skills.

The games’s beta testing is set to start on 4th of April to 8th of April.  For more information about Gundog or it’s developers check out their website GUNDOG, or their FB page at :



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